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Welcome to Pioneer Union Elementary School District

"Home of the Braves"


The Pioneer Union Elementary School District 


The Pioneer Union School District is situated on a twenty–six acre rural campus in the foothills twenty-two miles from Oroville.  The district was created in 1962 when Berry Creek School and Bald Rock School were combined.  The district provides a K-8 educational program and a Preschool and After-School program.


Our Mission Statement

"The Greatest Little Mountain School for the World"

It is our mission to achieve excellence by:

Providing an emotionally and physically safe school environment.

Providing a clean and well maintained school facility.

Welcoming parent & community involvement.

Expecting high performance from each individual, both student and adult.

Holding each individual fully accountable for their own behavior and performance.

Teaching a valuable and meaningful curriculum that supports quality education under the Principals of Liberty.

Preparing our students to be responsible, productive citizens in our American Constitutional Republic.



Board of Trustees

Melvin Hillier- Board Vice President

Will Cotter-Board President

Anthony Arcangeli-Board Member

Katherine Molohon-Board Clerk

Reed Rankin-Board Member

Doug Williams-District Superintendent & Board Secretary

Current Board Meeting Agenda

Next School Board Meeting: Thurs. 11, December , 6 p.m. at Berry Creek Elementary School.  The public is invited to attend.


Doug Williams -  Superintendent/Principal

Susan Gaston - District Secretary 

Glenda Nelson - Business Manager 








Pioneer Union Elementary School District
Berry Creek School and Bald Rock Community Day School
286 Rockerfeller Road, Berry Creek, CA  96916

Phone:  (530) 589-1633
Fax:       (530) 589-5021




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